Teranet Announces new Director, Strategy and Business Development

August 26, 2010

About Teranet
Founded in 1991, Teranet administers Ontario's Electronic Land Registration System, one of the world's most advanced land registration systems, enabling users to conduct electronic registrations as well as title and writ searches relating to real property. Teranet's comprehensive suite of related data products have fundamentally increased the real estate industry's ability to provide efficient and secure services to the public. Teranet has built a well-established customer base and strong brand confidence, providing electronic services to a network of over 80,000 end users including lawyers, paralegals, real estate brokers and agents, search houses, title insurers, financial institutions, governments, police services, utilities, investigators and appraisers. Teranet is owned by Borealis Infrastructure, the investment division of the Ontario Municipal Employee Retirement System (OMERS). For more information about Teranet, visit www.teranet.ca.