With our proven track-record of collaborating with government to successfully design, create, maintain and modernize the land registration system in the province of Ontario, we believe the Teranet model can deliver similar benefits for other governments.

Our operational and financial capabilities can be used to:

  • Create new investment in a jurisdiction
  • Modernize a critical element of social infrastructure
  • Create new employment and increase skills
  • Unearth value in dormant assets to create value for the taxpayer
  • Reduce the need for ongoing program operating and capital expenditures
  • Improve citizen-centric services while reducing time and risk
  • Pilot a self-sustaining means of delivering government services

In addition to offering significant investment and reducing your program budgets, Teranet’s solutions result in a highly secure electronic land registration system that delivers faster service, uses modern technology and ensures public interest through continued government ownership, control and privacy protection of the land registry data.