Purview, by Teranet, delivers a national automated property valuation and fraud detection solution, designed for Canadian financial institutions, mortgage lenders, brokers and insurers that allow customers to mitigate fraud and make better mortgage underwriting and insurance decisions.

With unique access to millions of property title records, and integration with dynamic aerial and street-level Google Maps™, Purview provides property analysis consisting of ownership, property value, sales history, neighbourhood sales, equity estimates and unique tools that assess risk by detecting potential fraud patterns.

Purview For Lenders website

Purview For Lenders is an automated valuation and fraud detection solution that offers powerful resources and applications designed for Canadian financial institutions, mortgage lenders and insurers.

This solution is a cost-effective tool for lenders and insurers to use in their collateral risk management process. Quickly confirm property ownership, check for potential suspicious or fraudulent activity and obtain a valuation and equity estimate that shows all mortgages on title including institution name and date issued.

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Purview For Mortgage Brokers website

With Purview For Mortgage Brokers, you have the property, neighbourhood and market intelligence to give your customers and lenders the information they need. Purview For Mortgage Brokers is an online software solution providing quick, accurate property information on millions of properties.


  • Home Ownership
  • Mortgages on title
  • Sales History
  • Equity Estimates
  • Neighbourhood profiles & Comparable Sales


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