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Teranet offers innovative solutions that help Land Professionals to understand properties’ attributes and value, and is considered by Real Estate Boards, Government and professional organizations to be a great partner in providing these solutions.

  • Cloud-Based Packaged Solutions
  • Aggregated Market Intelligence
  • Custom Reporting
  • Bulk Data

Featured Solution

GeoWarehouse is the premium land research application in Ontario

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Manage Strata document orders.

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Order, receive and pay for condo documents.

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Electronically obtain Registered Interest Information for property in BC. Homeowners, Lawyers, Notaries and Realtors simply enter the Parcel Identification (PID) Number and TSOL will return the current title information in seconds.

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Our Commitment to Data

Accuracy, Completeness, Coverage, Timeliness

The foundation for creating value is our data. Our vision is to be the most trusted source of real estate market insights, based on the highest quality, most comprehensive dataset in Canada. Our focus on data accuracy, completeness, coverage and timeliness ensures the highest quality data set for land information is available to our customers and partners.

From individual property details to extensive neighborhood, provincial and national perspectives, our customers benefit from greater insight and analytics to the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Market.

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Teranet Monthly Market Insights Report – First-Time Homebuyers Record Lowest Transactions Since 2009

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is gradually becoming visible across homebuyer segments in Ontario. Data shows that in June 2020, the lowest sales transactions…

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Teranet Monthly Market Insights Report – Top 20 Ontario Municipalities Saw a Decline in 2020 Mortgage Registration Volume

The past few months have been a challenging and uncertain time for the real estate industry. However, as things gradually reopen, the real estate market…

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The Future of Real Estate After COVID-19

It would be great to have a crystal ball and be able to see the future of real estate after COVID-19… In absence of a…

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The July Market Insights Report by Teranet Examines the Effects of COVID-19 and Ontario’s Reopening Plans on the Mortgage Market

As Ontario is implementing reopening plans and commercial and business activities are resuming, the Canadian mortgage market is beginning to experience signs of recovery. Our…

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