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Through the acquisition of Foster Moore, Teranet has been able to expand its global footprint and offer a broader range of solutions including configurable software, custom solutions, workflow solutions and operations capabilities.

Foster Moore is the provider of a world-leading commercial off-the-shelf registry software, Catalyst™; a solution that delivers operational cost reductions, enhanced security and process improvements.

With the addition of Catalyst™ and other Foster Moore solutions, we bring you unparalleled global experience and expertise in registry design, development and operations.

Catalyst™ Registry Manager is a dedicated platform for the management and administration of statutory registries.

Catalyst™ is configurable for a number of registries, including business and secure transaction (UCC) registers, with business rules that are less complex than land registries.

Catalyst™ addresses the key business issues driving registry IT investment – technology fatigue, pressure to reduce costs, adapting to changes in legislation, and improving client service – and meets current and future needs and expectations of key stakeholders.

It has established the best-practices in electronic registry and supports a range of diverse stakeholders including internal registry teams, government departments, and companies.

Catalyst™ automates routine registry processes and procedures, simplifies integration and interoperability, and delivers value-added services that enable enhanced functionality, improved information flow and ease of use.