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What is LendViewTM?
LendViewTM is a solution that provides competitive mortgage market intelligence to mortgage lenders and financial professionals in Ontario. We have taken existing market data from the Ontario land registry and created a platform that gives you visibility into market information. Our data allows lenders the ability to remove guesswork when it comes to understanding market share and competitive performance.




How does LendViewTM provide value?

What dashboard views are available?

LendViewTM gives you access to data that will help you understand how to improve performance against the overall market. Currently, LendViewTM includes the following dashboard views and reports:


  • Mortgage registration geographic distribution report
  • Map view of mortgage registration distribution report
  • Lender share across Ontario report
  • Monthly mortgage registrations – market share report
  • Monthly registration history – year-over-year report
  • Average mortgage size trend report
  • Monthly discharges report
  • Monthly discharges year-over-year report
  • Lender share within municipality report
  • Lender segment report
  • Mortgage size distribution report
  • And more…


To find out how you can take advantage of this exclusive platform today, contact your dedicated sales professional.

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