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Historically, searching titles in Ontario was a complicated and time consuming activity. Each search required a personal visit to a Land Registry Office to view paper indexes, original documents and plans.

In 1985, the Government of Ontario initiated the Province of Ontario Land Registration Information System (POLARIS) pilot project for the purposes of records automation and the conversion from the Registry System to the Land Titles System. The Land Registration Reform Act (Ontario) was introduced to facilitate electronic search and registration of properties and the automation of paper-based records. POLARIS was built by the Province to house and process electronic land records.

Teranet converted all qualified Registry properties in Ontario to the Land Titles system and automated existing paper Land Titles parcels. As a result, 99.9% of property in Ontario is parcelized and administered under the Land Titles system, which affords a property ownership guarantee by the province.

Features of POLARIS

  • The data contained in POLARIS is the official land registration data of the Province of Ontario
  • All title data in the POLARIS database is digital, allowing Teraview customers to:
    • Benefit from pre-population of title related information when creating electronic documents
    • Submit documents for registration remotely. As part of that process, the system automatically validates relevant statutory and business requirements and abstracts essential title details from the electronic document into the POLARIS database
    • Obtain a receipt/registration number that is issued by the system as part of the successful remote submission in POLARIS and is returned to the Teraview customer to complete the submission process. This ensures that both the notice of the registration, as well as registration priority, is maintained
  • The POLARIS Title database is complemented by the Mapping database that is maintained by Teranet. The Mapping Database, which is kept consistent with the Title database, serves as an index to find property and to provide further property details.