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Making the Most of GeoWarehouse

September 11, 2017 • Real Estate Industry

As the leader in electronic land registration systems and commerce, Teranet is continually working to provide you with more. This includes giving you access to the latest technology to make your job as a real estate professional more efficient and effective. Our tools use the most up-to-date data so that you can be sure you’re using accurate information, all the time.

GeoWarehouse is one such powerful tool that we offer. It gives real estate professionals the ability to gather valuable property related information that can be provided to clients, information that can also be used to inspire and inform your everyday decisions. To make it easier for you, GeoWarehouse offers an extensive array of resources and training videos to help you take full advantage.

Want to find out how to get started on GeoWarehouse, easily access comparable sales or take advantage of Google® Maps Streetview? Check out this blog: .

Giving your clients more information about the things that matter to them just makes sense. Doing so will not only help them make the best decision, it will help to establish your reputation, thereby boosting your bottom line. What could be better?

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