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Real Estate Professionals – Are you prepared for the first Post-COVID-19 Winter?

November 9, 2020 • Real Estate Industry

Canadian winter is known to be challenging.

This year, in addition to the usual challenges of winter, we also have to keep COVID-19 restrictions into perspective. While the economy is opening back up and the restrictions have been eased, we would have to continue being cautious.

So, how do real estate professionals ensure that they are able to effectively list and sell properties during the winter of 2020?

The answer lies in thinking outside the box. Real Estate professionals can use a combination of technology solutions – like hosting online real estate showings, verifying property information remotely, and engaging with prospects on social media.

Aerial imagery is another valuable tool. Real estate professionals can leverage aerial imagery to showcase different aspects of the subject properties such as spacious backyards or classic decks.

These solutions can be deployed in winter to ensure that despite the cold weather, the market remains hot.

Find further details on the GeoWarehouse blog:



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