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April Member of the Month – Krista Barton

By mai 2, 2024mai 9th, 2024Conseillers Teranet

At Teranet, feedback from our customers is essential to the ways in which we innovate and evolve our products. Our Teranet Insighter’s community offers those who leverage our solutions the platform to share their thoughts & opinions, to ensure that we are continuing to support our customers in their business.

This month, we are delighted to highlight the contributions of our Teranet Insighters Member of the Month: Krista Barton, Broker and Director of Operations at RE/MAX Escarpment Team Logue. 

With over 12 years of dedicated experience in the real estate industry as a Broker and Real Estate Sales Professional, Krista currently also serves as the Director of Operations at RE/MAX Escarpment Team Logue. In this pivotal role, she lends her expertise to support her team of real estate agents and administrative staff across various crucial aspects of their profession. From guiding them through goal setting and business planning to orchestrating effective lead generation strategies and providing invaluable client support, Krista is instrumental in every phase of the real estate process at her brokerage. Krista’s extensive knowledge and seasoned experience also extend to developing essential processes like onboarding and recruiting new team members. Additionally, she plays a proactive role in monitoring team activities and productivity, ensuring that the brokerage consistently meets its objectives. 

Driven by her commitment to delivering top-tier service, Krista prioritizes meticulous attention to detail coupled with skilled negotiation tactics to ensure seamless transactions for her clients. Her dedication to excellence sets a high standard within the industry and underscores her unwavering pursuit of client satisfaction. 

“When I’m not providing dedicated support to members of our brokerage team, I’m fully engaged as a proactive real estate sales professional, assisting clients throughout their home buying and selling journey. A significant portion of my business focuses on aiding senior citizens as they transition into retirement residences or downsize their living arrangements.” 

As a Teranet Insighter, Krista advocates for the importance of Real Estate Sales Professionals having a platform to offer feedback on services, such as GeoWarehouse, which she actively uses. By openly sharing insights within the community, it enables Teranet to enhance their products, ensuring they are more intuitive and user-friendly. This, in turn, fosters increased utilization of GeoWarehouse among Krista and fellow real estate sales professionals. Leveraging the Insighters community facilitates the cultivation of a more refined and professional real estate environment, benefiting both clients and industry professionals alike. 

“Being part of the Teranet Insighters community has truly been invaluable for me as a real estate professional. It’s refreshing to have a platform where I can openly share feedback on essential tools like GeoWarehouse. Knowing that my insights contribute to refining their products for better usability is empowering.”  

As the real estate industry evolves, Krista remains at the forefront by embracing innovation and maintaining a deep understanding of the latest regulations, contractual adjustments, and market technologies available at her disposal. By proactively communicating these developments to her clients, she ensures they are well-informed and empowered throughout their real estate journey. 

“Empowering my clients with knowledge about how the real estate industry operates is fundamental to me. I’ve seen firsthand how this understanding cultivates stronger connections and instills confidence in the service I provide. When clients grasp the intricacies of Real Estate Sales Professionals’ governance and operations, they develop a deeper appreciation for the level of dedication and expertise I bring to each transaction. It’s about building trust and ensuring every client feels confident and informed throughout their real estate journey.” 

As a part of Teranet’s ongoing commitment to improve our customer experience and support our clients, we are grateful for the opportunity to highlight our dedicated real estate professionals. With our customers being the cornerstone of this journey, we welcome you to join the Insighters community and provide your feedback as well. Click here to join now.        

To learn more about Krista and her business, please visit:

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