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Real Estate

Teranet offers various solutions for real estate professionals, regardless of the area of specialty, to assist with due diligence, market, property, and land research by providing the insights, data, and analytics they need to streamline business practices. With a proven track record of providing innovative, modern registry solutions, we have quickly become one of the most trusted providers within the real estate industry.

Trusted provider and partner

Over the past thirty years, Teranet has been a trusted provider and partner of real estate boards and real estate sales professionals, the legal community, land professionals, utility organizations, government and select real estate related professionals.


GeoWarehouse® supports Appraisers in their ability to conduct quality valuations by leveraging customized subscription packages tailored to suit their needs.


Architects enhance their roles as trusted advisors on development projects by leveraging data, analytics and insights from GeoWarehouse®.

Private Investigation

GeoWarehouse® is available to Licensed Private Investigators under the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act (the “Act”) administered by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

Real Estate Development

With land scarcity issues and focus on selecting the best possible parcel of land to develop, Real Estate Developers rely on GeoWarehouse® to facilitate the acquisition/disposition of property.


GeoWarehouse® is an invaluable tool to any Engineering Firm as it provides data, analytics, and insight they can leverage to assist their clients.


GeoWarehouse® supports Surveyors by providing boundary delineation information, plan images on the subject property in addition to supplying the most comprehensive and authoritative property and land information, data and analytics and insights.


Government officials leverage the data, analytics, and insights from GeoWarehouse® in a multitude of ways regardless of which level of Government they are in.

Law Enforcement

Various law enforcement officials leverage data, analytics and insights through their GeoWarehouse® subscription.

Legal Professionals

Real Estate Legal Professionals leverage GeoWarehouse® in conducting research, confirmation of ownership and title searches.

Real Estate Legal Professionals also have access to Teranet eXpress® to conduct Writs searches to understand the parties involved in the real estate transaction.


GeoWarehouse arms Registered Professional Planners (RPPs) with the data, analytics and insights they can pair with their experience to assist guide the public, elected officials, and the private sector to create inspired communities.

Real Estate Sales

Every real estate sales professional in Ontario has access to GeoWarehouse® through their Real Estate Board. Real Estate Sales Professionals leverage the land and property information from GeoWarehouse® to assist with the determination of property’s attributes and conduct their due diligence.

Real Estate Sales Professionals also have access to REALM™, if their board offers it as a service to their members. REALM™ is a singular platform that integrates land registry, Multiple Listing Platform (MLP) data, state-of-the-art mapping and collaboration tools into a mobile-first platform.

Real Estate Sales Professionals can also access Teranet eXpress® to conduct their due diligence to avoid any surprises upon closing.

Real Estate Boards

Real Estate Boards provide GeoWarehouse® subscriptions to their members (Real Estate Sales Professionals) to provide them with the land and property information.

REALM™ also serves Real Estate Boards across Canada in offering an elevated Multiple Listing Platform (MLP)  that is customizable to the local board’s requirements.


GeoWarehouse® serves various Utility organizations in their need to understand land property and ownership information to conduct equipment rental or purchase agreements.

Featured Solutions


GeoWarehouse® is the single source of authoritative property information in Ontario. GeoWarehouse® subscribers can create property detail reports, neighbourhood sales, and demographic reports as well as access “exterior, aerial, and bird’s eye view images” of properties and be armed with all of the critical data any real estate professional needs to be the local market expert in their profession.


The REALM™ Multiple Listing Platform (MLP) experience is unparalleled in the Canadian marketplace. Simply put, there is no other MLP in the Canadian market today, that provides real estate boards the flexibility and choice they need, while simultaneously offering real estate sales professionals a single experience to facilitate a real estate transaction in a transparent manner with their clients.

REALM™ not only combines land registry (through GeoWarehouse®), public records, third-party data, a secure communication portal with detailed tracking and analytics paired with a modern mobile-first user interface with advanced mapping and search capabilities, it also offers a state-of-the-art customizable back-end.

Teranet eXpress®

If you’ve ever been caught by surprise by a Writ registered against a property just days before closing, you’re not alone. Performing a Writs search is a necessary part of all real estate transactions and as a Listing Agent, you may want to consider doing this when the property is listed to confirm there are no judgments that may affect the sale. Though a Writ can be filed at any time after your search, hopefully there is no change in status prior to closing. By proactively running your client’s name, you can avoid problems that may jeopardize a sale or closing deadline, not to mention your real estate commission.

The process to run a Name Search on Teranet eXpress® is quick and inexpensive. The earlier you know about a Writ, the more likely all parties can work on a solution in time for closing.