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Can You Use a Parcel Register to Perform a Property Credit Check?

By novembre 30, 2020mai 13th, 2022Solutions immobilières

Almost every real estate professional would attest to the fact that a lot of effort goes into ensuring that deals close.

Real estate professionals who are selling a property also have to conduct proper research to ensure that there are no potential roadblocks and the seller has sufficient equity to cover their fees.

This is where a Parcel Register*can be useful. It is essentially a record containing the property’s description as well as the list of instruments registered against the property, within the Land Registration System of Ontario.

A Parcel Register* can help you with due diligence and ensure that the information your client provides is accurate.

To learn more about the potential issues that a Parcel Register* can help you identify, visit the GeoWarehouse blog:

*An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.