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Real Estate Technology – Empowering Your Brokers and Agents

By octobre 8, 2020mai 13th, 2022Solutions immobilières

The mortgage industry is evolving. To ensure that they are not left behind, brokers and agents have to adapt too.

This is why they are always keen to work with super or parent brokers who can help them grow, provide access to technology, and share key market insights.

Hence, super brokers have to focus on finding ways to support their team and deliver unmatched value.

If you’re a super broker, these questions can help you see if you’re delivering value to your agents and help you identify areas where there is room for improvement.

  • How do you enable them to pull more deals out of their current client base?
  • How do you help them with upselling?
  • How can you help them improve their closing rates?
  • How do you help them in identifying bad deals?

Find the answers to these questions as well as the technology you can leverage on the Purview blog: