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Introducing Teranet’s Employee Value Proposition

By avril 6, 2021mai 19th, 2022La vie chez Teranet

An interview with Teranet’s Chief Human Resource Officer, Sudha Dwivedi

Over the last several months, Teranet has been working on developing an Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Simply put, an EVP is a company’s overarching statement that defines who they are and what they offer their employees that’s unique to other organizations in the industry. It helps to understand the overall employee experience, and exactly what our ‘secret sauce’ really is! From the very start, it was a priority of ours to ensure that our EVP would be authentic, something that would resonate with our employees, and be a true reflection of how they genuinely feel about us. As such, we made it a point to include our employees throughout every step of the way and are proud to say that they had a huge part in this development. While it’s hard to sum up everything our employees had to say about us, there were major themes that surfaced throughout, and we’re excited to announce that our new company tagline is “Connect. Grow. Thrive Together.”

We asked our Chief Human Resource Officer, Sudha Dwivedi a few questions about Teranet’s culture and why an EVP matters to both employees and future employees.

Q. What is an Employee Value Proposition and why did embarking on a project like this matter to Teranet?

A. EVP programs are important to both employees and future employees of our company. It helps to provide current employees the reasons and/or a reminder of what it means to be a Teraneter! For our future employees, it helps them make a choice of where they want to build their careers.

Frankly, we embarked on this project to really put into words what we already knew. It’s important to us and to our employees that they continue to feel a sense of pride and belonging. What matters to our employees is what matters to us most.

Q. What was unique about Teranet’s approach in discovering our Employee Value Proposition?

A. While our project approach to uncovering Teranet’s EVP consisted of practical and standard steps—such as facilitating employee surveys and conducting focus groups—it was our priority to ensure that the final outcome of our EVP was authentic, and something that would resonate with our employees.  Simply put, we wanted our people to be the true masterminds behind uncovering our EVP and shedding light on who we really are!

Q. How is Teranet’s new tagline “Connect. Grow. Thrive Together” truly symbolic of our culture?

A. I love this tagline. In fact, it’s more than that. It really represents who we are and what we do. Our culture is based on close collaboration and communication across our organization. We know that it’s a strong culture that helps all employees learn, grow and thrive. The word ‘together’ is important to note. We could have ended at Thrive, but we know that the sense of community and working together towards the same goals is indicative of who we are.

For our customers, we build communities.  And it’s through that growth our shareholders, which are all pensioners that worked in our communities, can thrive. There is no better sense of inspiration when you know what you do directly impacts pensioners who served in our communities.

Q. What can our employees expect to gain when choosing to pursue a career here at Teranet?

A. Innovative, interesting, challenging work. An inclusive culture. Colleagues that will become their family at work. Laughter, fun, and where their well-being truly matters.

Q.What advice would you give to someone considering a career opportunity at Teranet?

A. Choosing the right employer is a big decision, and can sometimes even be a little bit overwhelming! For starters, you need to choose an employer that shares similar values and beliefs as yours and inspires you to live out your purpose. It’s also important for you to understand how your contributions can directly influence the company’s overall success, while being rewarded and recognized for the meaningful work you do every day! Furthermore, it’s about finding a company that genuinely cares about you, is invested in your personal and professional growth, and is committed to ensuring you remain engaged and inspired. If you’re looking for all of the above, come connect, grow and thrive with us!

Q. Why did you choose Teranet? And what makes you exceptionally proud to be a part of the team?

It’s hard to summarize all my thoughts in just a couple of short sentences, but here are just a couple of points off the top of my head!

  • First and foremost, it’s the people for me. I get to work with the most talented and extraordinary people. We refer to ourselves as #thedreamteam
  • Love the work we do. Simple as that!
  • Love that we help provide pensioners a better retired life. This line of work really does give us a true sense of purpose.
  • Our technology is really cool!
  • Love working for a Canadian-based, but global and growing company!

Q. Okay, totally off-topic, but what’s the most embarrassing fashion trend you used to rock?

A. Shoulder pads 🙂

Q. And when you’re not working, where will we find you?

A. Non-Covid times, you will always find me entertaining. Love to have people over. During this pandemic, I go for long walks and cook a lot. I am a bit of a foodie. 🙂


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