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Employee Community Involvement Spotlight: Emily Lam, Senior Graphic & UI/UX Designer

Employee Community Involvement Spotlight

In the world of parenting, every journey is unique, filled with its own sets of joys and challenges. But for parents of premature babies, the journey begins with an unexpected turn, navigating a path paved with uncertainty and hope. We are thrilled to share an inspiring conversation with a remarkable mother, Emily Lam, whose experience with her preemie child led her to discover the profound impact of community and charity.

The Heart of Community According to Emily

Emily shares her insights on what community means to her. “As a mom with a preemie child, community means everything,” she states. It represents a support system that truly grasps the daily challenges she faces. Emily emphasizes how crucial it is to have a network of parents who have gone through similar experiences. “It’s about sharing, understanding, and belonging,” she explains, reflecting on how her community has been a pillar of support. “And now, as my child has grown and overcome so many challenges, I feel compelled to give back and support others in similar situations.”

Connecting Through Charity

When it comes to charity, Emily’s enthusiasm is unmistakable. She actively participates in events like the “Preemie Picnic,” supporting organizations like the SunnyBrook Hospital NICU and the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation (CPBF). “These events are more than just fundraisers; they’re a way of bringing people together, sharing our stories, and providing hope,” she says. During the holidays, she helps assemble care packages for NICU parents, knowing firsthand the comfort they bring. “It’s a way of sending a message that they’re not alone,” Emily adds, highlighting the warmth and comfort these gestures bring during tough times.

Passionate Partnerships

Emily is particularly passionate about her support for SunnyBrook Hospital’s NICU and CPBF. She speaks of these organizations with gratitude, emphasizing their critical role in her and her child’s life. “They’re the backbone of the preemie parent community,” she asserts, underlining her commitment to aiding their mission to support families like hers.

The Importance of Year-Round Connection

Emily believes strongly in the importance of staying connected with the community and support groups throughout the year, not just during the holidays. “The challenges of caring for a preemie don’t end when the holiday season does,” she points out. She stresses that ongoing support is vital for navigating the continuous journey of raising a premature baby. “It’s all about thriving together,” she says, underscoring the collective strength found in community solidarity.

Our chat with Emily Lam was not only enlightening but also deeply moving. Her story and the lessons she’s learned and shared are a powerful testament to the strength found in community. Emily’s journey, marked by challenges, resilience, and ultimately, triumph, serves as a profound reminder of the difference we can make when we come together to support one another. Her final message is a resonant one: by uniting, we can turn adversity into hope and collective victory for parents and children alike facing the unpredictable path of prematurity.

About Emily

Since joining the Teranet Marketing team in May 2021, Emily has been an invaluable asset, leveraging her extensive design skills to enhance various projects, including digital assets, event materials, and UI/UX design recommendations for our products and platforms. Currently, she plays a pivotal role in developing and implementing the We Connect brand campaign, ensuring its success both internally and externally. Emily’s professional accomplishments within Teranet echo the passion and resilience she embodies in her personal life, making her story one of inspiration and impactful contribution.