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Understanding the Building Blocks for Interoperability in Digital Government

By juin 19, 2023juin 22nd, 2023Solutions de registre

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, governments around the world are embracing technology to enhance service delivery to citizens and improve the effectiveness of governance. As governments increasingly work on digitalizing their administrations, interoperability becomes a critical factor in ensuring seamless information exchange and collaboration across various systems and agencies.

The foundation of interoperability in the context of digital government and interoperability frameworks lies in software code, platforms, and applications that are congruous. In Enabling Digital Government: Interoperability and Data Exchange Across Registries, a white paper from Teranet and Foster Moore, we explore the most essential building blocks for achieving interoperability in any government data exchange ecosystem – including identity management, trust, data management, and secure data exchange.

Laying the groundwork for interoperability within statutory registers requires a strategic and coordinated effort, and the rewards in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and overall cost reduction, are well worth the effort. To understand why these building blocks for interoperability are vital for the effective governance of modern public registers, read more.