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About Teranet

Teranet is Canada’s leader in the delivery and transformation of statutory registry services with extensive expertise in land and commercial registries. It also provides insightful property intelligence and data solutions to thousands of customers in the real estate, financial services, government, utilities and legal markets.

Founded in 1991, Teranet operates the Electronic Registration System for the Province of Ontario, the Land Titles and Personal Property registries end-to-end for the Province of Manitoba, and Collateral Management Solutions, the market leader in Canadian lien registration and search, asset recovery services, and insolvency management. Most recently, Teranet expanded its global footprint by acquiring Foster Moore. This acquisition expands its registry solutions to include commercial off-the-shelf registry software that delivers operational cost reductions, enhanced security and process improvements.

Experienced Operator

  • Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario for 30 years, Teranet is a world leader in electronic registry services and commerce
  • Experienced throughout the registry value chain including in-person counter service search, manual and automated document validation, certification and managing the registry software and user interfaces
  • Provides services across the broader real estate ecosystem including e-conveyancing platforms, geospatial services, realtor information products and risk mitigation for lenders

Trusted Government Partner

  • Operator of the Province of Ontario’s Electronic Land Registration System and Writs Services under long term concession
  • Operator of the Province of Manitoba’s Land Registry System and Personal Property Registry
  • Delivers Canadian real estate data services that enhance market efficiency, leveraging government and other data sources

Valued Innovator

  • Trusted provider of cutting-edge B2B land information solutions for real estate professionals, financial intuitions, and law offices
  • Provides world-class registry solutions
  • Leverages public data to create value-added products for the citizen and potential additional revenue streams for the government

Teranet and OMERS

The Strength of a Long-Term Partnership

Teranet is wholly-owned by OMERS, one of Canada’s largest defined benefit pension plans. Serving more than 550,000 members, OMERS has C$124 billion in net assets as of Dec 31, 2022. OMERS investment in Teranet is overseen by OMERS Infrastructure, the plan’s global infrastructure investment arm.

Since 2008, OMERS has supported Teranet’s steady growth in various ways, helping advance both our strategy to grow our registry business in new jurisdictions, plus our ongoing additional commercial solution acquisitions that have expanded our value-add service offerings.

A pioneer in direct infrastructure investing, OMERS Infrastructure has a proven track record as a long-term partner in the development and management of key infrastructure assets.

Teranet and OMERS Infrastructure alike are trusted partners to governments and many stakeholders across Canada and around the world.

Our Vision

To be the trusted partner to governments and businesses in building stronger communities and economies.

Our Mission

To efficiently connect government, business and consumers through the delivery and transformation of registry services, data insights and ecosystem platform solutions, while always maintaining the highest standards of reliability and integrity.

Our Values

Our company culture and core values are the core of our identity. They define who we are, how we engage with each other and our clients, and how we conduct business every day. They serve as our guiding principles and are embedded in everything we do.

We know you can’t buy it, you certainly can’t fake it, you have to live and breathe it, and we do just that!

We Create Value

We continuously seek ways to create value for our owners, customers and partners.

We Deliver What We Promise

We make clear and responsible commitments to our owners, customers, partners and each other and take ownership to deliver on them.

We Are Resilient & Resourceful

We embrace challenges and persevere to achieve success.

We Value & Respect One Another

We recognize and appreciate others’ perspectives, experiences and contributions.

We Help Each Other Succeed

We support each other in achieving our own and our shared goals.

Our Partnerships

Teranet by
the numbers



30+ years of experience in delivering electronic registry services to public sector entities


Property Titles

Search and registration access to almost 7 million property titles in Ontario



Over 850 professionals dedicated to delivering electronic registration services and solutions



Securely process over 10 million remote land related transactions each year


Document and Plan Images

Seamless access to over 200 million document and plan images


Security Breaches

Secure environment with zero known security breaches



99.9% system availability over the past decade


For more than two decades, Teranet has been a pioneer in electronic registration, a trusted and dependable partner with government, and a product innovator.


Teranet Founded


Teraview® Search launched


Writs system launched


GeoWarehouse® application launched


PurView® application launched


Government of Ontario exited as owner of Teranet


Teranet Income Fund IPO


  • Teranet acquired by OMERS Infrastructure
  • Do Process acquired by Teranet


  • 50 year extension to agreements with the Province of Ontario
  • Launched Polaris II Land Registry DB + Operating System


Ontario Title Automation & Legal Conversion completed


Do Process LP acquired ProSuite


  • Teranet Manitoba LP acquired the Manitoba Property and Personal Property Registries
  • OMERS Infrastructure acquired ownership interest in Foster Moore


Initiation of new Do Process econveyancer platform


  • Teraview & Mapping System launched
  • Launched Electronic Land Registration in Manitoba
  • Acquired Access Point Information Canada


Acquired Collateral Management Solutions (CMS)


Divested Do Process LP to Dye and Durham


  • Established Multi-Listing Platform LP with PropTx and AMP systems to develop and operate a national back end multiple listing platform
  • Launched a national front-end multiple listing platform and data solution through a joint venture with Stratus Data Systems Inc.
  • Completed strategic investment in R-LABS and RIOS Inc.


Divested Collateral Management Solutions (CMS) to TRADER Corporation

Teranet Executive Team

Our executive team sets the strategic direction for Teranet and leads our employees.

Inclusion & Diversity

We take Inclusion & Diversity seriously at Teranet through our commitment to support inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, backgrounds, culture and experience.

Our commitment to the customer experience

Voice of the customer is integral to our product development strategies and commitment to innovation. With a community of over 1,300 members and growing, Teranet Insighters is an online community that provides feedback and insight on how we can provide better solutions to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Learn About Teranet Insighters

Awards & Recognitions

As a pioneer in electronic registration systems and commerce, Teranet has received numerous awards for our technologies and our successful partnership with the Government of Ontario.

Greater Toronto's Top 2024 Employers award logo

Greater Toronto’s Top 100 Employers

Canadian HR Awards: Finalist for Best Employer Branding and Best Remote Work Strategy

Canadian Mortgage Awards Industry Service Provider of the Year




Greater Toronto's Top 2024 Employers award logo

Greater Toronto’s Top 100 Employers


Canadian HR Awards: Finalist for Best Employer Branding and Best Remote Work Strategy


Canadian Mortgage Awards Industry Service Provider of the Year


Join Our Team

Looking to take on new challenges in a supportive work environment? We’re always looking for exceptional people with the expertise and skills to contribute to our growing team.