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Registry Solutions

Teranet is a world leader in delivering and modernizing statutory registry solutions, providing significant funding for governments. Our solutions operate under a proven, comprehensive governance framework and utilize public data for innovative commercial solutions.

The ESR business facilitates electronic property searches and registrations, writ filings and searches, personal property and other regulated services through long-term contracts with the Ontario and Manitoba governments.


Teranet is the exclusive provider of electronic land registration services on behalf of the Provinces of Ontario and Manitoba and is widely recognized as one of the most advanced, secure and sophisticated electronic land registration systems in the world. Most recently Teranet expanded its registry business globally through the acquisition of Foster Moore.


Through the ownership of Foster Moore, Teranet has access to the leading commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) registry technology and enjoys strong relationships with the international registry community.

Proven Value for Governments

Realizing The Value Potential of Land Registries

Today, more than ever before, government expenditures are being scrutinized while competition for increasingly scarce funds grows ever more intense. Jurisdictions are seeking new avenues through which to access public assets to realize more value for money and generate additional sources of revenue.

By utilizing Teranet’s business and operating model, government leaders can create stable revenue streams while effectively modernizing and maintaining their land registry systems.

The Modern Land Registry


Teranet’s electronic land registry system lies at the intersection of two domains of responsibility:


  • Guarantee of Title
  • Registration Process and Title Examination
  • Control, Ownership and Use of Official Data
  • Application of Legislation
  • Fee Structure & Regulation


  • Operating the Electronic Land Registration System
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Upgrades to the System
  • Systems Performance and Disaster Recovery
  • Exclusive (or Preferential) License to the Data
  • Funds the Modernization of the System on Behalf of the Government


The Teranet-Ontario Partnership

In 1991, the Government of Ontario established a partnership with Teranet to convert its land registration system to a more modernized electronic title system. The project involved taking a 200-year-old paper-based system and creating a database with electronic records for more than five million parcels of land.

Teranet fully automated millions of paper-based documents and records into the Ontario Electronic Land Registration System (ELRS), a system which is widely recognized as the most sophisticated, secure and efficient electronic land registration system in the world. Teranet’s agreement with the Government of Ontario stipulates that while Teranet owns the ELRS, the government retains ownership of the data.

In December 2010, the Government of Ontario extended its exclusive relationship with Teranet by 50 years, reflecting the confidence it has in the company’s ability to fulfill integral elements of the statutory responsibilities of the Ministry of Government Services and the Ministry of the Attorney General.

The Teranet-Manitoba Partnership

In 2014 Teranet and the Province of Manitoba entered an agreement for a long-term license to operate the Manitoba Land Titles Offices and Personal Property Registry. Teranet Manitoba was granted an exclusive 30 year license to operate on behalf of the Province of Manitoba.

Teranet Manitoba provides certification of titles to land, maintains land records and offers reliable information of financial interests in personal property to the public.

Value to Stakeholders

For governments, citizens and stakeholders, the results of the Ontario-Teranet partnership is an Electronic Land Registration System (ELRS) that delivers faster service, uses modern technology and ensures public interest through continued government ownership and control of the land registration data. Ontario’s ELRS was developed in full collaboration with the Government of Ontario, as well as key stakeholders in the legal community.