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Title Data Solutions

Know more about the properties you are working with sooner. Access data from the premium digital cadastral mapping solution in Ontario, including up-to-date title and property of interest reports.

All the property data you need in one convenient location

Our Title Data Products let you know more, including Property Identification Numbers (PINs), legal information, ownership data, easements, and beyond. Enhance your planning activities and make better decisions, faster.

Property Ownership

All the ownership information you need about a property in one convenient report. PIN, owner names, address, Instrument Number, registration date, map PIN, and more.

PIN-Plan Index

The PIN–Plan Index is generated for those active PINs in the selected geographic coverage area, that can be associated with a plan.


Provides property-based information regarding easement registration. See active instruments and types of properties in a defined geographic area.

Property of Interest

Reports on data relating to active instruments for properties in a defined geographic area. See transfers, judgements, crown grants, and more.


Defines the relationship between (PIN) and the corresponding MPAC Assessment Roll Number (ARN), using both spatial and attribute data.

Value-Added Title Reports

These include the Enhanced Address Report that contains the PIN and full address information, the Address of Service Report that is created from property owner address data, including active transfer instruments, and Estate/Qualifier Report that contains day-forward ownership data and capacity of title/interest.

Parcel Registers

See the provincial ownership record for a property, including the legal description, PIN, and more. Receive ownership data, such as the legal property owners, the capacity of each owner, and their respective share.

Registered and Deposited Plan Images

Teranet’s Registered and Deposited Plan Images product is an extract of available plan images from the document image repository.

Registered Instrument Images

Teranet’s Registered Instrument Images product is an extract of available Instrument Images from the document image repository.

Property Sales History

The Teranet® Web Service Sales History Report provides clients with an application-to-application interface to access data stored within the GeoWarehouse database.

PIN Monitoring Report

Track day-forward title registration activity on properties of interest. Monitor registrations, transfers, discharges, and other encumbrances.

PIN History Report

Determine the origin of the PIN, the current status of the PIN, and if the PIN is inactive, the new PIN created in its place.

The solution offered to us by Teranet has significantly improved the easement registration process and saved our department an incredible amount of time.

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