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The Ontario-Teranet Partnership

Ontario’s Electronic Land Registration System (ELRS) was developed in full collaboration with the Government of Ontario, as well as key stakeholders in the legal community.

The Ontario ELRS is widely recognized as the most sophisticated, secure and efficient electronic land registration system in the world. Our platforms facilitate online property searches and registrations, writ searches, and other regulated services.


Teranet works closely with the government to design and maintain secure platforms to provide multiple property search and registry services in the province of Ontario. We believe the Teranet model can deliver similar benefits for other jurisdictions seeking new avenues for providing convenient access to public assets, while realizing more value for money.


Teraview® is a secure comprehensive solution for accessing the Government of Ontario’s land records database, allowing licensed users to perform property and writ searches, view and obtain copies of Instruments, Plans, and Parcel Registers and create and submit title documents for Registration.


OnLand®️ is the online source for the Government of Ontario’s Land Registration system where customers can search or browse land registry records such as Historical Books, Parcel Registers, Evidence, Standard Charge Terms, Documents and Plans.

Teranet eXpress®

Teranet eXpress® is a self-service portal for access to the Government of Ontario’s Land Registration and Writs systems. Customers can obtain Parcel Registers, a Search Name Report, perform a writ search (name and instrument), and an OWL (Ontario Writs Locator) search across all EOs in Ontario.

Solutions & Technologies

Teranet works closely with government and businesses to transform operational efficiencies through back office and back-end solutions. Through these solutions, we ensure reliable data management and security, and effective delivery of Ontario’s official land records and the Ontario Writs System.


POLARIS® (Province of Ontario Land Registration Information System) contains the official land registration data of the Province of Ontario, and is the search, registration and property maintenance system for all automated land records. Title data is maintained by Ontario Land Registry Office staff and is available remotely through a number of Teranet products, services and solutions.

POLARIS® Features

99.9% of property in Ontario is parcelized and administered under the Land Titles system, which affords a property ownership guarantee by the province.

All title data in the POLARIS database is digital.

The POLARIS Title database is complemented by the Mapping Database maintained by Teranet, and serves as an index to find property and provide further details.

Teranet Connect®

Teranet Connect® is an application programming interface (API) that provides secure access to the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery and Procurement POLARIS® and Ministry of the Attorney General Writs databases.

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*An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.
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