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Our legal solutions support profitability for law firms and legal professionals by streamlining processes to save time and reduce costs.

Legal solutions that help you accomplish more with less

Whether you work in real estate law, civil litigation, or corporate law, discover Teranet’s intuitive solutions that allow you to focus on practicing your area of law.

Real Estate Law

From secure digital payouts for real estate closings to writs and property searches to mortgage enforcement, our suite of solutions enables real estate law firms to effectively perform an array of legal transactions with real-time data delivery.

Residential Real Estate Payouts

Real estate law firms use SureFund™ to manage and process closing day funds and disbursements online in Ontario. The solution significantly reduces manual processes and time spent on real estate or mortgage refinancing transactions, which has been costly and prone to delays. SureFund™ enables you to thrive by increasing value and convenience to your clients.

Land & Registry

Teranet is a recognized world leader in modernizing and designing statutory registry solutions. Our solutions enable real estate law firms, legal service providers, and land professionals to search the official Ontario Land Registration System and access important land registration services.

Civil Litigation, Small Claims, Debt Collection

When it comes time to file writs of seizure and sale to protect your client’s interests, lawyers and paralegals realize significant efficiencies and time savings by using WritFiling, a solution approved by the Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG).

Legal professionals and their service providers also enjoy convenient search options and access to the Ontario Writs Systems, either through Teranet eXpress® or for licensed users, Teraview®.

Owned, managed and operated by Teranet, the Ontario Writs System offers:

  • Online remote access
  • Immediate results return
  • Ability to search records for any sheriff/enforcement office in Ontario by debtor name and execution number
  • Real-time data directly from the Ontario Writs Database

Corporate Law

Performing a writ search is a necessary part of corporate due diligence and OWL (Ontario Writs Locator), available exclusively through Teranet eXpress® provides the most comprehensive one-stop search and reporting solution across all of Enforcement Offices in Ontario. You can use the writ number and enforcement office location identified in the OWL report to obtain valuable writs detail reports. Legal professionals also find OWL especially useful where the jurisdiction is unknown.

  • Remote search capabilities province-wide for one flat fee
  • Results available within an hour
  • Ability to perform up to two searches at one time
  • Accurate data directly from the Ontario Writs Database

Legal professionals that use our solutions

Real Estate Lawyers

Civil Litigators


Mortgage Enforcement Lawyers

Debt Collection Lawyers

Law Clerks

Legal Assistants


Investigators and Collections agencies

Lenders, Financial Institutions

Risk Managers

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*An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.
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