Teranet Connect®

Teranet Connect® is an application programming interface (API) that provides secure access to the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery POLARIS® and Ministry of the Attorney General Writs databases.

Improve Your Application

Through this application programming interface, you can integrate property and writs search functionality and data into your software applications, thereby providing your customers with more powerful tools that can improve their productivity and increase their efficiency.

Teranet Connect® can be used by legal document creation and legal document management software vendors who want to differentiate themselves by offering additional value-added services in their software. By licensing Teranet Connect®, the Licensee will be able to access property and writs data, and present it to their customers within the context of their application.


Teranet Connect® provides secure interoperability between your application and the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery POLARIS® and the Ministry of the Attorney General Writs databases, by utilizing XML and Web services interfaces as well as standardized rules-based routing of information.

Search properties in the POLARIS database by name, property address and PIN and retrieve Parcel Registers.

Search the Writs database by debtor name or execution number and retrieve Execution /Clearance Certificates and Writ Details Reports.

Search the POLARIS database and retrieve instrument images.

Search the Map database by PIN and retrieve a property map file, including a list of adjacent properties.

Pay for search transactions using existing Teraview Deposit Account.

Access Teraview Deposit Account administration.

Create, search and access dockets that can be shared by the licensed third-party application as well as Teraview®.

Allow the application to use the search information more easily, as statutory products are returned in their standard formats, as well as in XML format.


  • Your professional users will be able to save time and improve their productivity by being able to access the Electronic Land Registration Database and the Writs Database, right from your application. Rather than switching between your application and Teraview® or other similar applications, your users can seamlessly complete property and writs searches.
  • Your application can utilize the XML information returned with every search result to prepopulate form fields in the application and, as a result, provide better functionality, improve your user’s workflow and reduce errors and rework.

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