Geospatial Solutions

Delivering critical property data from the most authoritative source of parcel mapping, title data and document images, our solutions connect customers to authoritative land registry and land-related data with location intelligence capabilities.

A Trusted Provider

As a trusted provider of Master Data Management (MDM) solutions and services to government, utilities and commercial enterprises, Teranet improves the decision-making process by providing reliable property information, location intelligence capabilities and a world-class customer experience with these solutions.

Ontario Parcel

Streamline your business processes with Ontario’s most comprehensive land parcel dataset.

Title Data

All the property data you need in one convenient location.


Teranet Imagery Partnership Program (TIPP) Advanced Imagery-Based Solutions.

Teranet Xchange

Critical data that drives smart decisions.

Easement Program

Proactively manage and protect easement interests in a reliable, secure, and centralized environment.

Featured Solutions

Ontario Parcel

Access information on 7.5 million parcels of land in Ontario to improve service delivery and give your clients and the public the customized information they want, quickly and easily.

Ontario Parcel is a consolidated collection of digital parcel mapping data that provides users with access to standardized and easily integrated information.

Title Data

Know more about the properties you’re working with sooner. Access data from the premium digital cadastral mapping solution in Ontario, including up-to-date title and property of interest reports.

Our Title Data Products let you know more, including Property Identification Numbers (PINs), legal information, ownership data and easements. Enhance your planning activities and make better decisions, faster.

Teranet Imagery Partnership Program

The Teranet Imagery Partnership Program is designed to enhance our existing data sets and provide additional value-based solutions to our clients.

Through a consortium of partners, including Nearmap, First Base Solutions, QSP Geographics, Tulloch Engineering and Airborne Imaging, Teranet can provide a wide variety of imagery-based solutions and derivative products to enhance your organization’s GIS and workflow capabilities.

Teranet Xchange Platform

Through Teranet Xchange, clients can access the most authoritative and dependable source of parcel mapping, ownership and easement data, and registered plan images. This proprietary system provides on-demand and direct access to reputable, adaptable and trustworthy land registry and land related data via a user-friendly customer interface.

Easement Based Solutions

For municipalities and utilities, the easements they own on a property are among their primary assets, yet these assets are often overlooked and poorly maintained. This unnecessarily exposes the organization to risks in asset management, infrastructure management, planning and development, and public safety.

Our comprehensive Easement Program features a suite of solutions to help you mitigate such risk by identifying and creating centralizing spatial easement data.

Geospatial Solutions Insights

Geospatial Solutions Insights


Geospatial Solutions

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Geospatial Solutions

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Geospatial Solutions

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