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Connecting customers to data to mitigate risk and improve portfolio health.

Gain the competitive advantage

DataConnect is a suite of solutions that gives customers access to data that provides insight into their business. By using existing data and partnering with other industry leaders, Teranet connects you to the information you need to mitigate risk.

Assess portfolio health

Access data to enhance due diligence practices and enable business or lending decisions with insights to monitor and analyze ongoing performance.

Mitigate risk

Identify unusual activity and inconsistencies with data and insights for loss prevention.

Real Property Solutions


The Teranet Automated Valuation Model (AVM) produces current market estimates for residential properties across Canada using advanced mathematical models and Teranet’s national property information database.

Climate Risk

Our solution is founded on the global collection of extreme weather events integrated into a geospatial probability model. This is combined with Canadian residential property information and valuations to provide risk and loss measures at the property, region and portfolio level.

Condominium Insights

Condominium Insights provides a powerful lens into the national condo market. This data offers lenders the ability to analyze the concentration of condominiums in two of Canada’s key markets, the Greater Vancouver Area (GVA) and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Home Ownership Verification (HOV)

HOV is a portfolio health solution that validates home ownership against your book of business. By building HOV into your risk models, you can confirm ownership status for each property.

Mortgage Interest Validation (MIV)

MIV is a portfolio health solution that validates mortgage interest against your book of business. By building MIV into your risk models, you can confirm mortgage priority and assess the risk of your mortgage portfolio. Teranet determines lender position upon registration of the mortgage.

Mortgage Registration Validation (MRV)

MRV is a tool that validates critical mortgage data, enabling lenders to establish collateral and mitigate fraud. This data set leverages Teranet’s land registry data and provide users with reports that outline recently registered mortgages, mortgage registration details and funded mortgages not registered.

Residential Sales Price Report (RSPR)

Residential Sales Price Report provides a snapshot of the residential real estate market in Canada at various geographic levels. RSPR is a dynamic report providing a high level and the most up-to-date residential real estate price summary based on authoritative datasets sourced from land registries across Canada. By analyzing the most recently recorded transactions and performing a set of internal analytical procedures, RSPR provides a peak into current and historical price trends at any geographical or property type level.

Switch Report

The report provides an aggregate quarterly overview of mortgages that have left the monitored institution (Switch-out) and those that have come into (Switch-in) the monitored institution. This data provides valuable competitive information by showing previous and current lender names where the lender is classified as a “Big-6” or large lender – enabling customers to have great insight into the health of their mortgage portfolio.

Moveable Property Solutions

Business Name Validation

Business Name Validation is a tool that allows lenders to meet customer identification requirements with ease. Significantly streamline the collection of relevant information through direct access to all all federal, provincial and territorial corporate databases and obtain near-real time confirmations of all business entities and supplementary documentation.

Export Notifications

A solution that allows Canada Border Services Agency and law enforcement officials to scan VINs to obtain real-time lienholder information and registration status. We work directly with lenders to mitigate financial losses incurred due to cross border vehicle shipping

Virtual Floor Plan Audit

Through Teranet’s wealth of data and analytic capabilities, we can perform virtual audits on behalf of lenders, which require no overhead and can be performed at a significantly reduced cost, allowing for audits at a more frequent cadence and ultimately give you a better understanding of your portfolio. By simply providing us with a list of VINs, we can check if any liens have been registered against those vehicles, allowing lenders to validate if they have been paid for those vehicles that have been sold and had liens registered against them. We can also alert lenders to dealer trades by cross referencing the VIN with other dealer lists.

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