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Teranet’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Perspective

Valuable responsibility for our employees, our customers, and our communities.


Teranet's ESG Objective

Teranet’s initiatives to incorporate environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria into our operating framework reflect our longstanding commitment to our customers, partners, shareholder, employees and the communities we serve.

We believe that ESG is a continuous process of aligning our operations and controls with our values as a company. Our ESG commitments are structured around three key areas relevant to our business: Our Environment, Our People and Communities, and Our Corporate Governance.

Our Environment

Our Environment

We will build sustainability into everything we do by driving positive impacts on the natural environment through our investments, innovation, and operations, including our supply chain and employee community engagement.

With roots in the land business, Teranet has always seen responsible stewardship of the environment as a key driver of our long-term success. We aim to keep this at the heart of everything we do and take environmental impact into consideration for all our decisions.

Our People and Communities

We will build a better, more inclusive and diverse future for employees, our teams, our businesses and our communities through ongoing education, access to resources and giving back.

We also play a critical role in the real estate and collateral lending ecosystems. In doing so, we manage a broad array of stakeholders and provide services and insights to support key policy initiatives. Through this, we’ve experienced the power that diverse voices and experiences can bring to solving problems. And we’ve seen that prioritizing social responsibilities and creating an inclusive and welcoming workplace, and encouraging others to do the same, can drive value creation and client satisfaction over time.

Our People and Communities


We will continuously pursue and implement strong and effective governance practices consistent with contractual, legal and regulatory expectations and evolving best practices.

In our role as a part of the critical infrastructure for the economy, our governance programs and commitment to best practices in security, organizational conduct and Board effectiveness ensure that our place as a trusted partner to consumers, business and government remains secure.

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