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Financial Services

Solutions designed to help you make confident lending decisions, mitigate risk and prevent fraud by leveraging registry connections, managed technology platforms and authoritative insights.

Your trusted partner

A trusted source of intelligence and peace of mind to the Canadian lending industry throughout the lending lifecycle.

Streamlined Customer Engagement

Proactively share information with customers and facilitate efficient onboarding to create exceptional customer experiences

Actionable Market Insights

Proprietary and timely insights to fuel business and lending decisions

Confident Decisions

Efficient due diligence solutions to enable initial business or lending decisions with tools and insights to monitor and analyze ongoing performance

Risk Mitigation

Identify unusual activity and inconsistencies with configurable risk management technologies for loss prevention and asset recovery

Purpose-built solutions for...

Lending and capital markets

Teranet provides solutions for secured and unsecured lending to drive confident business decisions. We offer the most comprehensive authoritative property data set in Canada, enabling lenders and mortgage brokers to perform efficient due diligence and mitigate risk. Teranet is also fully entrenched in collateral-based lending, which enables us to stay abreast of regulatory changes and gain a complete understanding of urgent and pervasive market needs to develop forward thinking, proactive solutions.


Faced with decision-making in an environment with regularly evolving rules and regulations, Mortgage Insurers need to be able to quickly adapt to changes or respond to fluctuations in the Canadian mortgage market. Teranet provides insurers with the objective and accurate property value, ownership and mortgage intelligence they need to make informed, compliant lending decisions.


Canadian regulators are responsible for regulating and supervising financial institutions to make sure they are meeting their requirements. Teranet offers data and solutions that help regulators develop rules and provide regulatory guidelines to keep institutions operating in a competitive marketplace.


When it comes to consumer proposals or bankruptcy filings, time is of the essence. Teranet offers insolvency professionals an efficient way to obtain insight into the value of a property and who is registered on title.

Appraisal management

Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) aim to provide complete and accurate appraisals in accordance with lender business rules to create a consistent standard in the valuation of real property. Teranet offers AMCs authoritative property data and insights to make more informed decisions in a competitive landscape regarding valuation models.

Financial Solutions Insights


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