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Public Land & Title Records

Teranet offers online solutions for members of the public who are seeking official information and records available in Ontario’s Land Registration System and Ontario Writs System.

Simple solutions. Valuable information.

Home & Property Owners

Anyone can search official land and property ownership records in Ontario using OnLand, your online source of information for the Ontario Land Registration System. The types of property information you can search include:

  • Title: the land rights held by a person or corporation
  • Deed: the legal document that transfers title from one person to another
  • Mortgage and other property-related documents

Historians & Genealogists

If you’re researching facts about the past, the Ontario Historical Books digital library in OnLand contains a wealth of property information that can be retrieved in minutes. These are the digitized versions of original paper property records registered before the introduction of the Electronic Land Registration System (ELRS) in Ontario.

OnLand is a valuable and convenient resource for your research needs, containing many types of historical records, including:

  • Abstracts and Parcel Registers
  • First Registration Records
  • General Register Index
  • Canada Lands Index
  • Subdivision and Reference Plan Index
  • Condominium Index
  • Power of Attorney Index
  • And more!

Community & Business

Using Teranet eXpress to access key information can help you make quicker, faster and more informed decisions.

If you’re interested in obtaining information about a property, it’s easy to register and convenient to use for:

  • Searching and Printing Property Titles (Parcel Registers)
  • Viewing Documents and Requesting Plans (Note: survey plans are not available in Teranet eXpress. You can contact your lawyer, your mortgage company, or a licenced professional surveyor to obtain a survey.)

Teranet eXpress also provides the ability to search Writs of Execution by name and number, and is the only application where you can perform a province-wide OWL (Ontario Writs Locator) search.