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Legal Solutions

Increase productivity and achieve greater efficiency to better serve your clients. Our range of legal solutions allow legal professionals to manage files and conveniently access official public records with easy-to-use online platforms.

Reliable solutions designed to make your work easier

Critical Data Delivery

Our intuitive solutions provide legal professionals with unmatched direct access to official government records and services in Ontario.

Remote Access

Our convenient online solutions provide remote access to services and data, no matter where you are. Flexible hours of availability improve your team’s productivity.

Improved Productivity

From easy-to-follow workflows to collaboration tools to file sharing, managing your transactions in our solutions is simple and straightforward.

Advanced Security

Our systems and solutions are built to ensure your firm’s files and client information are secure, utilizing best-in-class technology and the highest industry standards.

Featured Products


SureFund™ is the digital payment solution for real estate legal professionals to organize, track, and disburse closing day funds in Ontario. SureFund’s secure platform eliminates time-consuming errands, while also reducing the cost of processing multiple payouts for real estate transactions and mortgage refinances.


Approved by the Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG) , WritFiling provides registered clients remote access to electronically process and maintain writs of execution enforcing an Order awarded by the Superior Court of Justice – Civil or Small Claims Court, whether paper or electronically filed, across all jurisdictions in Ontario.

If you are interested in issuing, filing, and maintaining writs of execution in bulk, contact to learn more about our Writ Direct Filing service

Teranet eXpress®, OWL and Writ Search

Teranet eXpress offers the most complete access to the Ontario Writs database, whether searching individual offices by name and instrument or searching by name only. The OWL (Ontario Writs Locator) service is available exclusively through Teranet eXpress® and allows you to simultaneously search across all 49 Enforcement Offices in Ontario. Users can also access Ontario’s Land Registration System via this self-service portal.

Boosting Operational Performance for Your Practice

  • Accurate, real-time data
  • Unparalleled uptime
  • Industry-leading security
  • Work remotely or in-office
  • Collaboration and file sharing

Legal Solutions Insights

Legal Solutions Insights