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Are New Mortgage Rules Resulting in Riskier Borrowing?

By August 29, 2017July 7th, 2022Financial Solutions

With stricter lending guidelines and new mortgage rules, not to mention a higher interest rate, many Canadians are finding it harder to get approved for mortgage financing through traditional channels.

For some, this has resulted in a move away from those traditional channels in an effort to find alternative sources of funding, including shadow banking. According to the BOC, shadow banking accounts for approximately 40 percent of Canada’s nominal gross domestic product. However, since many of these types of lenders operate outside the purview of regulators, they’re cause for concern for brokers.

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With all of these changes, Canadian mortgage brokers are having to ramp up their services in order to compete. Purview For Mortgage Brokers recently discussed the impacts of new mortgage rules and how brokers can use their tools to make their mark. Check it out here:

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