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Gregory Johnston – Member of the Month – Teranet Insighters

At Teranet, feedback and advice from our customers are at the forefront of every decision we make about the future of our products and services. To thank you for your participation in the Teranet Insighters community, each month we enter active members into a draw and select one to be featured as the member of the month.

Our most recent member of the month in 2022 is Gregory Johnston. We recently connected with Gregory to learn more about his business and why he became a member of Teranet Insighters.

Q: Please tell us a little about yourself and your role.

A: As a Mortgage Agent with Your Mortgage Connection for 20+ years, I consider the client’s financial situation, life goals, and tolerance for risk in order to deliver a unique planning experience and financial solutions strategy – the one that’s absolutely right for them. The mortgage strategies can assist people who are self-employed, relocating, going through a divorce, struggling with credit/finances, seniors/widowers, estate planning, renewing, and refinancing or purchasing a home.

Q: Why did you become a member of the Teranet Insighters community, and why is customer insight important to you?

A: I joined the Teranet Insighters community to keep up to date with the latest industry news and trends that can assist me, assist my clients. PurView is a great resource and tool for the Mortgage Industry, and I have been utilizing it for a few years already and plan to continue in the future.

Q: What are you doing to innovate and connect with customers?

A: I feel that there is always a need to plan and anticipate the needs of our customers, therefore I have been expanding my network to include Financial Coaches, Licensed Insolvency Trustees, and Family and Estate Planning Lawyers. In addition, I have recently partnered with my wife, who is also a Mortgage Agent and has been working on my social media presence and has established a great source of referrals from her ladies network group. This has given me a whole new perspective which allows me to continue to learn and understand everyone’s needs.

If you’d like to connect with Gregory online, you can find his links below: