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July Member of the Month – Richard Scarlett

By August 4, 2023August 16th, 2023Teranet Insighters

At Teranet, feedback and advice from our customers are at the forefront of every decision we make about the future of our products and services. To thank you for your participation in the Teranet Insighters community, each month, we enter active members into a draw and select one to be featured.

Our most recent member of the month is Richard Scarlett. We recently connected with Richard to learn more about his business and why he became a member of Teranet Insighters.

Q: Please tell us a little about yourself and your role.

A: As Principal Broker at The Mortgage Ethos, I am always employing my 15+ years experience in the financial industry to train, educate and support my agents, clients and partner relationships. Flashback 16 years ago, I entered the financial field in 2007 as an advisor providing insurance strategies, investment planning, cash management and other areas to help clients reach their financial objectives. In 2011, I decided to obtain my mortgage license to assist with the overwhelming demand for mortgage guidance. As my knowledge and expertise grew, I noticed a consistent growth in colleagues, faced with the same problem (scarcity of guidance) reaching out to me for assistance in various aspects of the business. With my love to empower others I made the decision to embark on a journey in creating a brokerage with the intent to foster a desirable balance between empowering my clients, my colleagues and myself. This required changes to how we conduct business in this legacy system which we are in.

In 2020, The Mortgage Ethos was born. We are a boutique brokerage with a focused vision beyond mortgages, encouraging and maintaining the human-to-human connection. We attract agents with a certain mindset and energy. An integral part of our value proposition to our clients, agents and stakeholders is to conduct ourselves at a higher level of excellence and ethics, hence our name.

Q: Why did you become a member of the Teranet Insighters community, and why is customer insight important to you?

A: As a member of the Teranet Insighters community, I want to assist in advancing the information provided by this valuable insight community that supports the ever-evolving decision making needs of mortgage professionals, the community and the industry as a whole. It’s important to participate in the growth and direction of the industry to provide clients with an exceptional customer experience. As the marketplace is ever-changing with new rules, products and innovations, the client’s perspective is ever evolving so we should all play our part in supporting its evolution.

I’ve positioned myself and my brokerage to have pertinent access to information, trends, data etc. to keep a consistent pulse on the market. Utilizing the information provided by this community, our goal at the brokerage is to build and maintain client relationships with those who want to enrich their financial positioning.

Q: What are you doing to innovate and connect with customers?

A: We partnered with one of the top national networks in the industry and their primal focus is on technology! With the wealth of information in the marketplace, it’s easy to get lost in the data, trends and various perspectives. With the fast pace of changes within the industry, many of us may be thinking how it’s possible to stay on top of everything? At our brokerage, we leverage technology to filter through the noise and provide our agents and clients with the information that is tailored to their needs and wants. Our state-of-the-art CRM backend system does a lot of the heavy lifting for us by sending out client communications, providing status updates and reminders and providing information to assist in making informed decisions. The system performs customer acquisition activities, allows for real time connections with partners to support client management activities and continues to generate business by maintaining client relationships through retention activities.

AI is an important aspect of our technology platform, which helps us with decision making, planning and forecasting. We are continuously exploring the use of popular AI tools to help drive change and enhance how we do business and interact with clients. In line with our goal to build long lasting relationships with our clients through transparency, integrity and diligence – We also maintain some degree of old school client engagements by creating an office environment that feels like home and offers private one-on-one meetings in a comfortable setting which goes a long way in building relationships with your clients.

As a part of Teranet’s ongoing commitment to improve our customer experience and support our clients, we are grateful for the opportunity to highlight our dedicated mortgage brokers. We welcome you to join the Insighters community to provide valuable feedback to help us arm you with the knowledge and resources you need to conduct your business and keep your clients informed. Click here to join the community!

If you’d like to connect with Richard online, you can find his links below:


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