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June Member of the Month: Alex Faux

At Teranet, feedback and advice from our customers are at the forefront of the decisions we make about the future of our products and services. To thank you for your participation in the Teranet Insighters community, each month we enter active members into a draw and select one to be featured as the member of the month.      

This month, we are thrilled to highlight the contributions from our Teranet Insighters Member of the Month: Alex Faux, Broker with eXp Realty. 

Alex has been a full-time real estate agent since 2007, with a focus on residential homes and recreational and commercial properties. Prior to his career in real estate, Alex owned and operated a design and build contracting company, which allowed him to build his extensive network and list of clients. 

As a Teranet Insighter, Alex is an avid user of GeoWarehouse and understands the value in customer feedback. He has participated in an assortment of activities to offer his feedback on Teranet products, which allows for improvements and enhancements to the solutions that will better serve his business.  

“I volunteered to participate in the Insighters community as I believe input into the use and functionality of the systems used for my business is important, as it can positively impact what changes are made as the systems are developed to best serve myself and other REALTOR®s moving into the future.” 

Alex is dedicated to staying innovative and competitive in this market and looks for opportunities to best serve his clients.  

 “As the market goes through changes, I try to adjust my mindset to best serve my clients to help set realistic expectations. This has been very challenging since the spring of 2021 predominantly due to the dramatic increases in lending rates and the quick reaction the public has to those changes. In past market shifts people would react more gradually to changing factors. Now, it’s almost overnight. In the current climate mass advertising is a must to draw attention to listings.” 

 To help serve his clients and find success, Alex uses a combination of social media and direct marketing to increase exposure to a wider audience. He has adapted his marketing practices to the current market climate and has leveraged the 360 virtual tours in his listings and provided additional packages for promoting his listing. 

Alex is dedicated to continuing to be innovative in his business, to ensure his clients find success in their homebuying or selling journey.  

As a part of Teranet’s ongoing commitment to improve our customer experience and support our clients, we are grateful for the opportunity to highlight our dedicated real estate professionals. With our customers being the cornerstone of this journey, we welcome you to join the Insighters community and provide your feedback as well.        

To learn more about Alex and his business, please visit:, and follow along on his social channels: @alexfauxexp,