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February Member of the Month – Howard Meier

By March 11, 2024May 2nd, 2024Teranet Insighters

At Teranet, feedback and advice from our customers are at the forefront of the decisions we make about the future of our products and services. To thank you for your participation in the Teranet Insighters community, each month we enter active members into a draw and select one to be featured as the member of the month.       

This month, we are thrilled to highlight the contributions from our Teranet Insighters Member of the Month: Howard Meier, Broker of Spire Commercial Realty Inc.  

As a seasoned real estate professional with more than 25 years of experience providing and anticipating trends in the real estate market. Howard ensures his clients are fully informed and positioned to take advantage of ideal market conditions. With a vast knowledge of real estate investment and a keen eye for the market, Howard can provide a wide selection of specialized real estate offerings to his clients. His knowledge of the real estate market ensures he can provide property insights to his clients to select the home and surrounding environment that best suits their needs. Some of Howard’s notable clients throughout the years include. Fieldgate Commercial Developments, Bank of Montreal, H&R REIT, Tribute Communities, Street Wise Capital Funds, Sun Life and TD Bank. 

Howard Meier headshot

“When I’m not meeting with clients or analyzing market trends, I am a certified commercial real estate coach at the Massimo Group and a participant in the ULI Mentorship program. As I enter my 12th year as a real estate coach, I continue to provide insights and accountability to mid-senior real estate executives across North America.”  

As a Teranet Insighter, Howard is driven by a fundamental belief in the power of precise, data-driven insights to shape the future of the real estate landscape. As he navigates the ever-changing landscape of real-estate, his ability to anticipate these changes is critical for staying ahead in this industry. Howard utilizes GeoWarehouse in his daily business as it offers comprehensive property insights and analytical tools that proves to be an invaluable resource for understanding market trends, property value and the overall state of the real-estate market.  

Howard understands that customer insight is essential in understanding the needs, preferences, and behaviors of clients which allows platforms like GeoWarehouse to tailor their strategic initiatives to meet the needs of their customers.  

“The Teranet Insighters community provides a platform to collaborate with like-minded professionals to share knowledge and gain access to a wealth of information that enriches our understanding of the market. It’s a partnership that enhances our ability to serve our clients effectively, ensuring that we can offer the most accurate and relevant feedback. In a world where data is king, being part of a community that values and leverages customer insights is invaluable for maintaining a competitive edge and fostering sustainable growth.” 

As the industry evolves, Howard’s focus extends beyond just staying ahead of market trends, he leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to tailor his strategies to meet his clients’ unique and specific needs.  

“Incorporating AI into my business is not about replacing the human element but augmenting it to better solve client problems and devise solutions that are as dynamic as the real estate market itself. This tech-forward approach, combined with a commitment to understanding and addressing the specific needs of each client, positions me as not just a service provider but as a strategic partner dedicated to achieving their success.” 

As a part of Teranet’s ongoing commitment to improve our customer experience and support our clients, we are grateful for the opportunity to highlight our dedicated real estate professionals. With our customers being the cornerstone of this journey, we welcome you to join the Insighters community and provide your feedback as well. Click here to join now.        

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