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Mitigating Mortgage Risk with a Land Title Search

By November 26, 2020July 7th, 2022Financial Solutions

Most lenders request credit reports to assess their clients’ financial standing — but have you ever requested a credit check for a property?

A land title search is the equivalent of a property’s credit check. It can reveal liens, encumbrances, and other instruments that could indicate financial risk.

In an instant, you can verify key information, including:

  • The legal homeowners on title — including the type of percentage of ownership.
  • The value of the property at the last transfer.
  • Registered mortgages.
  • Any undisclosed liens or active judgments.
  • And more…

On the Purview blog, we are looking at more similarities between a credit report and a property title search, plus how you can access searches online. Read it here: