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Mortgage Broker Resources: Aerial Imagery

By August 4, 2020May 13th, 2022Financial Solutions

Aerial imagery isn’t just for the birds. It is also an ideal tool for mortgage brokers. Here is why:

  • Aerial imagery can confirm vital property details — like the location, surrounding neighbourhood, adjacent structures, and property size.
  • It is accessible without leaving your office — key for physical distancing.
  • The best aerial imagery comes with an automated valuation model (AVM), which tells you even more about the subject property — sales history, estimated value, parties on title, and much more.

When it comes to mortgage due diligence, the more information, the better. Aerial imagery gives you that, plus more.

In addition, when you access aerial imagery and AVM reports from Purview, you are looking at the same information as your lenders — which can help ensure you are both on the same page and increase the likelihood of success.

See more great reasons for using aerial imagery in your mortgage brokerage on the Purview blog. Read it here: