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Sixth Edition of Teranet Market Insights Report Focuses on First-Time Home Buyers in Ontario

By August 1, 2019July 7th, 2022Financial Solutions

The sixth edition of the Teranet Market Insights Report is available for download — and you will not want to miss the exclusive data we are revealing inside, all about a critical portion of the real estate market: first-time home buyers in Ontario.

First-time home buyers have been in the news lately with respect to the mortgage stress test, housing affordability, and increased challenges of breaking into the more-regulated real estate market.

In the new Teranet Market Insights Report, we are breaking down exactly what the journey for first-time home buyers looks like, including:

  • The First Time Home Buyer Incentive.
  • Age breakdown of first-time home buyers in Ontario.
  • How first-time home buyers in Ontario are purchasing homes, including significant insights into the number of parties on title.
  • Regional focus – where first-time home buyers in Ontario are more likely to buy and what type of dwellings they lean towards.
  • A lending breakdown – find out if first-time home buyers are favouring banks or private/alternative lenders.

It is all inside the Teranet Market Insights Report. Best of all, it is free to download.

Just click here to get your copy instantly:

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