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Canadian Companies See Employee Engagement Increase Amidst the Pandemic

November 24, 2020 • Employee Engagement

man holding babyBefore the pandemic began, 82% of Canadian employees were working from their workplaces. According to PwC, today this percentage is down to 27%!

This decline is most prominent in the hardest-hit provinces – Quebec and Ontario.

With most of the workforce working from home, keeping employees engaged can become a challenge.

Are the employees feeling motivated? Do they have access to everything they need? Are they getting sufficient growth opportunities?

While it may seem like getting the answers to these questions would be tough and employee engagement may actually decline – the opposite is true. Research shows that employee engagement is actually on a rise during this pandemic!

Has Employee Engagement Really Increased?

Yes, this seems to be the case.

A national survey published by Argyle Group shows that almost half of the respondents reported an improvement in their relationship with their employer.

Additionally, most Canadians rated their employers highly across multiple categories. Some of the key findings were:

  • 72% of employees were satisfied with their employer.
  • 69% agreed that the employer took care of the employees.
  • 68% trusted their employer.
  • 63% agreed that the employer was committed to meeting their expectations.

Similar sentiments are also visible across the border. A Gallup survey found that the percentage of engaged workers in the U.S. reached 38% in May 2020. This is the highest since Gallup began tracking the metric in the year 2000!

What Has Caused This Rise?

Many employers have made a conscious effort to focus on areas that matter to their employees during the pandemic. Some of these include:

I. Upskilling

Employers who invest in their workforce during uncertain times are more likely to succeed.

By equipping the employees with the right tools and skills, the company is not only focusing on employee development but is also paving the path for increased productivity. A PwC survey shares that upskilling has led to a 40% increase in productivity during the pandemic.

Additionally, 67% of Canadian employees who were given upskilling opportunities, showed more confidence in their organization’s leadership than those weren’t.

II. Open communication

Transparency is vital during times like these. Especially if the employees are working from home and are spread out geographically. Having visibility into what is happening within the organization gives them confidence in the management team.

Organizations that have kept open channels of communication have benefited from higher levels of engagement.

Companies across Canada have found unique ways of communicating with their employees. KPMG Canada, for instance, has rolled out an app that provides company information and updates to its 8,000 employees across Canada.

III. Investment in employee wellbeing

Another area where employers have focused on is employee wellbeing.

A survey by Arther J. Gallagher & Co shares that despite COVID-19 and budget constraints, 72% of Canadian employers said that they expect to make minimal or no changes to their benefits coverage in 2021.

Additionally, many employers were looking to expand their wellbeing offerings and 37% were even planning to provide additional support for the emotional well-being of their employees.

The Key Takeaways

Employee engagement has increased because employers have worked towards supporting their employees both personally and professionally.

Communication is the key to laying a solid foundation for employee engagement. If you’re communicating with your employees, you are able to determine what their expectations are and can take action to meet them.

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