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Real Estate Social Distancing: Digital Open Houses

April 21, 2020 • Real Estate Industry

With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, many real estate sales professionals are changing how they do business.

Social or physical distancing is in effect across the country and as such face-to-face transactions are limited — if allowed at all.

This has meant finding ways to adapt for essential transactions. One method that real estate professionals are using is digital open houses.

With a virtual open house, you can show any listings online, keeping with social distancing practices.

On the GeoWarehouse blog, we are going over the tools that are needed for the best digital open houses or real estate showings, including:

  • Where to host a digital open house
  • Ideas for gathering images or videos for the showing
  • How to quickly access critical property information remotely

Read it on the GeoWarehouse blog:



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