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3 Key Takeaways from OREA’s REALiTY+ Conference

Last week, Ontario Real Estate Association held its REALiTY+ Conference located in downtown Toronto. In celebration of their 100 years in business, OREA’s conference included two insightful days of networking, learning and celebrating.  The event was attended by thousands of real estate industry professionals across the province and it is the only conference in North America that combines the greatest minds in real estate, marketing, and politics all on one stage.  

Teranet was a proud sponsor of this event and was on-site, connecting with real estate professionals to further educate them on the tools and resources that Teranet’s property solutions provide to their business. With the many notable speakers who took the stage, including President Bill Clinton, Christine Quinn (from Netflix’s Selling Sunset) and Simu Liu, these knowledgeable panelists touched on some important industry and economic takeaways.

1. Be transparent with your clients

The key to building long-lasting relationships with your clients is to be as honest and transparent as possible. As mentioned in the session “The New Open Offer Process: A Great New Tool for REALTORS®, or all talk?”, Katie Steinfield, Ray Ferris, Ray Wood, Kerry Rakuson and Sam McDadi, offered their insight into this changing new real estate landscape and what it means to adapt to new ways of business, while continuing to provide your clients with exceptional service. In today’s market, there remains a high level of uncertainty and it is important to be able to offer your clients the comfort of knowing that you are being honest in your business and providing them with any answers they may need to know when buying and selling a property. 

To remain transparent with your clients and provide them with exceptional service, GeoWarehouse offers the ability to complete your due diligence.  With a variety of reports for purchase in the GeoWarehouse store, you have access to Parcel Register and Title Documents, to dive deeper into the property, including any easements or liens, which will provide your clients with the comfort of transparency in the property they are selling or purchasing.  

2. Be genuine in your business

It is important to be genuine in your business so that you can build better relationships with your clients. Notable journalist and OREA conference speaker, Lisa Laflamme, discussed the power of projecting yourself with confidence and how to remain authentic and genuine in your business. For a real estate or land professional, this message speaks true to continue to work authentically with your clients to build those relationships based on trust. After all, you are your clients’ trusted advisor in the transaction which is likely their biggest real asset. 

3. Be informed

In a drastically changing market, it is important to remain informed.  This was the most important takeaway from the conference, and a topic that was touched on by many of the speakers. As the real estate landscape continues to change, so should your business. It is important to remain diligent and educated, so your clients can remain confident in your services. Leverage the tools and technology that surround you to help arm you with the information you need to protect your clients and facilitate the transaction. By being informed, you earn trust and the confidence of your clients, and it accelerates your ability to foster stronger relationships.  

To further support you, the real estate professional, in remaining informed and educated, Teranet continues to offer insight into the changing market and economy. 

In the last Market Insight Forum, hosted by Teranet, panelists discussed Innovation in Real Estate and discussed how Canada’s real estate industry can focus on innovation to tackle challenges around affordability and housing supply. Continuing to be part of these conversations will provide you with insight into the opinions of fellow real estate professionals and provide you with the knowledge you need to continue to be successful in a changing market.  

As proud sponsors of this exciting and insightful conference, we are grateful for the opportunity to connect with some of our clients and continue to build relationships, and better understand how we can continue to support you in your business.  

Congratulations, OREA on an impressive and outstanding 100 years of business!