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Benefits of participating in a customer insight community

By July 21, 2023July 25th, 2023Market Insight Forum, Teranet Insighters

Ever since we launched the Teranet Insighters community in 2020, it has been a game changer for Teranet! Today, we have a 1800+ member strong community, and for the last three years, our engaged Teranet Insighters members have been helping us create and update our products and solutions. They do this by regularly sharing their feedback and insights into the latest market needs, industry requirements and professional objectives. The members’ insights play an essential role in ensuring that we at Teranet continue to improve the experience for our customers with our products and solutions from their unique perspectives.

What is Teranet Insighters?

It is Teranet’s customer insight community; an online platform that allows members to provide regular feedback on their experiences with Teranet products and solutions, as well as general market needs and trends. At Teranet, we want to hear from our customers about what is vital to them and their businesses and to understand what improvements will help them excel in their businesses, instead of just assuming.

Why should you join Teranet Insighters?

Be a part of the decision-making team

The members of the Teranet Insighters community are invited to participate in regular surveys and online activities. The feedback you share through our short surveys and open forums is crucial in changing and updating our existing products and services. As an example, because of the Teranet Insighters community, we heard from mortgage brokers that there is a need for a package for new mortgage agents. As a result, we partnered with Mortgage Professionals Canada to launch the New Agent Priority Package.

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Teranet Insighters: A look back at 2021

Teranet Insighters: A look back at 2022

Help us create relevant and impactful content

Every piece of content we create is intended to empower our customers with information and data that will help them grow their businesses. In the last few years, insights shared by Teranet Insighters has helped us create tailored content, be it on our social media accounts, Market Insight Reports, blogs, Marketing emails, or newsletters. For example, we asked mortgage brokers, banks and lenders about the PurView training resources available to them, and as a result, we enhanced our training through videos and regular newsletters to users.

Exclusive access to Teranet Insighters Hub & Market Insight Forum

The community not only allows members to communicate with us regularly but also with other members. It gives you access to an exclusive Teranet Insighters hub that features industry-related content and survey sharebacks with all activity results, so you can see what your peers are thinking! In 2022, the Real Estate Professionals community provided their questions for industry experts to discuss at one of Teranet’s virtual Market Insight Forum: Combatting Real Estate Fraud in 2023. From this, we were able to provide valuable insight into the current state of the market and offer key takeaways to support real estate professionals in their business further.

We understand our Teranet Insighters are busy professionals and their time is valuable, which is why each month, our active members are entered into a draw, and one is featured as our Member of the Month. These members receive a gift, are featured on the Teranet Insighters member hub, and are showcased to over 25,000+ followers across all of Teranet’s social media channels.

If you aren’t already a member of Teranet Insighters and would like to join the community, click here.