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Leadership Connect with Catherine Yoshida, Manager, Data Governance & Data Architecture, IT – Corporate

By October 18, 2023Leadership Connect

Leadership Connect with Catherine Yoshida

As part of Teranet’s Leadership Connect series, we are excited to feature Catherine Yoshida, Manager, Data Governance & Data Architecture, IT – Corporate.

Tell us about yourself and your background in Data Governance.

I am a Data Governance specialist with over three decades of experience and a strong desire to ensure data integrity, security, compliance and the promotion of ethical data management in the ever-changing data and information management landscape.

In the past, I’ve had the opportunity to engage with one of Canada’s most prominent bank’s many divisions, assisting them in realizing the full potential of their data assets. Throughout my career, I have led data governance practices; ensuring accuracy and reliability through cleansing, validation, and monitoring systems. In those roles, I design security measures, access restrictions, and compliance methods to protect sensitive information, all while collaborating with teams to develop data strategies that align with organizational objectives.

My goal at Teranet is to create a data-centric culture by developing and delivering training programs that promote data literacy and empower staff to make data-driven decisions. Additionally, I often speak at data management conferences and contribute articles on data governance and data management for Teranet’s TechTalk newsletter.

I am genuinely devoted to furthering the field of data governance and assisting Teranet in realizing the full value of its data and information assets while guaranteeing responsible and ethical data management.

How important is Data Governance at Teranet?

In today’s data-driven world, where information flows like a digital river, organizations must harness the power of their data to stay competitive and relevant. Teranet handles vast datasets, including property information, and related records, so data governance is paramount. It is more than just a set of policies and procedures; it’s a cultural commitment.

At Teranet, we promote a culture that values data and encourages all employees to use it to make informed decisions. Data governance is essential to maintaining the reliability, security, and strategic use of our assets. It guides our data-related processes, ensures regulatory compliance, and enables us to harness our data assets for innovation and business success. Overall, data governance is a foundational element at Teranet that empowers us to maintain our reputation for data excellence and to meet the evolving needs of our customers and partners.

What do you think sets Teranet data apart from other sources of Real Estate Data?

As a trusted provider of real estate data and land information services, there are distinct characteristics and benefits that distinguish Teranet from other providers and sources of real estate data; namely precision and dependability. Collection of data from reliable sources, such as government land registers, ensures accurate and authoritative information which is essential for real estate professionals, legal professionals, and financial institutions.

Teranet standardizes data from many sources and governments, allowing for easier comparison and analysis of property information from different regions. This consistency simplifies data integration and analysis for users. The company augments its data with additional information, such as property boundaries, neighborhood demographics, and geospatial data. This enrichment enhances the usability and value of the data for various applications.

To ensure data quality and accessibility, Teranet employs data validation, quality control processes, and modern data platforms. It also offers customized data solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients. Whether it’s data analytics, reporting, or API integrations, the company can provide solutions that align with clients’ objectives.

Most importantly, it emphasizes data security and compliance with data protection laws and regulations. This commitment to data security and privacy instills confidence in users that their data is handled responsibly.

Finally, our team of real estate data and land information services experts can provide guidance and support to clients. This proficiency ensures that clients receive the most value from the data. Teranet has built a solid reputation in the real estate industry and is trusted by professionals and organizations across Canada.

In summary, the data provided by Teranet stands out due to its accuracy, comprehensiveness, historical perspective, and Teranet’s commitment to data quality and security. These attributes ensure that data is a valuable resource for a wide range of users in the real estate industry and beyond.

What does being a leader at Teranet mean to you?

Being a leader at Teranet is both an honor and a commitment to excellence, ethics, and innovation, encompassing preserving our organizational values while driving us toward a future as a trusted partner, innovator, and a force for positive change in the property information sector. As the Data Governance Manager, I recognize my role goes beyond a title – it’s about upholding trust and data, adhering to high ethical standards in every decision, and fostering an innovative culture. I am dedicated to continuous learning, not only for myself but for our entire team, recognizing it enhances our ability to serve customers, the community, and each other.