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Mortgage Brokers vs. Banks – Why Brokers Have the Advantage

By September 6, 2017July 7th, 2022Financial Solutions

With the wealth of competition out there, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate yourself in the eyes of your potential clients. When you’re competing with the big banks, especially those that are already the regular institutions for many of your clients, you’re already a step behind.

However, there are so many things that, as a broker, you can offer that the banks can’t. Sometimes you just need to remind your clients what those reasons are!

If you’ve got potential clients considering both you and their regular banking institution for their mortgage, outlining the many benefits of why they should work with you is an great way to swing the pendulum in your favour! Purview For Mortgage Brokers recently released an article that outlines these benefits, and while they make seem common sense, sometimes we forget how valuable we are as brokers! Read it here:

Sure, the bank may end up with the mortgage at the end, but you can help clients get the best deal and boost your own portfolio in the process.

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