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Property Data Security: How Teranet Improves Privacy

By May 4, 2020May 13th, 2022Financial Solutions

At the October 2019 Teranet Market Insight Forum, data usage was front of mind.

Mortgage Professionals Canada CEO Paul Taylor memorably said, “Data is the new bacon.”

One audience member questioned that statement.

“You talked about data being the new bacon,” said the audience member.

“And I think that we would all agree that bacon is sufficiently anonymized. You don’t have to sign the Protein Usage Agreement to eat it. But that’s not true for real data. And that’s certainly not true for our situation where we’re dealing with data usage agreements and we have to pass those all through.”

The questioner asked the panel what they would advocate for in terms of providing access to data to drive automation and make processes easier for the customer.

See how the panel answered and how you can leverage Teranet data to create a smoother client experience on the Purview blog. Read it here: