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Teranet Insighters: A Summary of 2022 so far

At Teranet we’re dedicated to continuously improving the customer experience when interacting with our products and solutions, which is why we launched the Teranet Insighters community back in 2020. Through this online customer insight platform, we are able to connect with members on a regular basis and gain the feedback we need as we make decisions about the next steps we’re taking with our products and services. 2022 has been a busy year, let’s take a look at what the Teranet Insighters members have been up to so far.

Currently, the Teranet Insighters community includes 1379 industry experts including land professionals, legal professionals, employees of lenders and banks, mortgage brokers, employees of government and utilities, as well as real estate sales professionals.

So far we’ve launched six activities for members to share feedback. Here are a few highlights from the activities our members participated in:

  • Members shared their thoughts about the PurView e-Store that launched in December 2021
  • Members shared their thoughts and opinions on the Fraud Check section when pulling a PurView report and if any additional enhancements should be made
  • We asked Mortgage Brokers and Lenders what they thought about the training resources currently available for PurView
  • Real Estate Professionals provided their questions for industry experts to discuss at Teranet’s Market Insight Forum: Innovation in Real Estate on June 8th. From this, we were able to provide valuable insight into the current state of the market, and offer key takeaways to further support real estate professionals in their business.

We understand our Teranet Insighters are busy professionals and their time is valuable, which is why each month, active members are entered into a draw to be the Member of the Month. These members receive a gift card, are featured on the Teranet Insighters member hub, and are showcased to the over 15,000 followers we have on our Teranet social media platforms. Congratulations to our 2022 Members of the Month, so far:

  • Caryn Parchment
  • Stuart Lessels
  • Cameron Nolan
  • Brenda Johnston
  • Anson Martin
  • Meg Lyttle
  • Gregory Johnston

Thank you to all of the customers that took the time to participate in Teranet Insighters so far in 2022! We are excited to continue to connect with our customers and work together as we deliver enhancements to our products and services. If you aren’t already a member of Teranet Insighters, click here to take this brief recruitment survey and become a member today!