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Want to Use Property Valuation as a Real Estate Marketing Tool? Here’s How

By May 25, 2020May 13th, 2022Real Estate Solutions

The estimated value of a property can be a big determiner for whether a prospect decides to sell their home or not.

If the value is too low, they might decide to wait it out. But if it has increased since the time of purchase, they might consider moving and gaining the equity.

Before, consumers had to contact a real estate sales professional to find out their estimated home value.

Now, however, they can access it online through the Teranet Home Value Range.

By leveraging Teranet’s Automated Valuation Model (AVM), consumers can look up the estimated value range of their home and then contact a real estate sales professional for further assistance!

Why is this beneficial?

  • Because an AVM from Teranet uses land title registry data, it’s more accurate and current than estimations from other providers.
  • You can offer the service through your agency or brokerage’s online real estate application or website as a marketing tool.
  • It’s low-cost — if the Home Value Range suggests an attractive gain on the property, prospects will come to you.

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