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We Connect Employees – Connect. Grow. Thrive Together.

By July 6, 2022August 4th, 2022Life at Teranet

We Connect Employees

At Teranet, We Connect Employees to purpose, opportunities, rewards, inclusion and diversity. We spoke with Dana Cioffi, Director, Human Resources about the importance of Teranet’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and what it means to work at Teranet.

Q. What is Teranet’s Employee Value Proposition and why is it important?

A. Teranet’s Employee Value Proposition is simple! You get to Connect. Grow. Thrive Together. Our extraordinary people have the ability to connect and collaborate with each other, and through their professionalism, passion, diversity and expertise, they inspire brilliant results for our business and help create purpose and meaning in what we do each and every day. We’re also a talent-driven organization so you can definitely expect us to prioritize employee growth! Trust us when we say, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing our own employees unlock their true potential and reach new professional heights—you grow, we grow. And finally, you get to thrive, together, because we’re one big team, with one really cool mission.

Q. Can you tell us about the programs do you have in place to support your EVP?

A. Our people are smart, ambitious and have big career goals. We not only encourage a culture of openly talking about our career aspirations but one where we truly invest in our people’s continuous learning, development and growth. Our robust talent management strategy allows us to assess internal talent, identify high potential employees, and equip them with the appropriate learning and development opportunities to help them grow here at Teranet. We’re a talent-driven organization where you can expect the following: Coaching for High Performance, Career & Leadership Development Programs, access to a Learning Management System with tons of training material available 24/7, a continuous feedback culture where we help enable your performance and prepare you for future opportunities.

Q. When you think about Teranet’s culture. what are you most proud of when you think of the value Teranet brings to employees and prospective employees?

A. For me, it’s really the ability to thrive here. To show up as our best whole self each and every day. Being your whole self at Teranet is met with the utmost respect – we value who you are and the diverse experience you bring. At Teranet we say, come as you are, we like you that way.

Q. As the employment market changes, what do you think top employees need to consider or be mindful of?

A. You need to look at an organization holistically. Working for organizations that have a complete offering is essential. Make sure your value set aligns with the organization you work for and that they live their values – not just post them on the wall.

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