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How Teranet’s Easement Solutions Changed the Game for the City of Greater Sudbury

By November 23, 2022January 31st, 2023Geospatial Solutions

When the City of Greater Sudbury partnered with Teranet on a comprehensive easement mapping and identification project, they knew that it was an important step to modernizing their processes and reducing research costs. But no one could have predicted that a centralized spatial easement inventory would be such a game-changer for all City departments and services.

In this latest case study, we examine how Teranet connected City staff to easement solutions that they can no longer live without. Built on Sudbury’s unique parcel fabric, Teranet’s centralized view of easements enables the City to make informed decisions with a level of detail and timeliness that was not possible before.

Learn how Teranet helped chart a better future for City of Greater Sudbury’s staff and residents with its easily accessible spatial easement inventory.

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