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Bring Your Kids to Work Day at Teranet

By November 13, 2020May 19th, 2022Life at Teranet, Teranet News

mom and daughterThe young minds of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

At Teranet, we feel that alongside getting great in-class education, children also need to be exposed to real-life work environments so that they can explore diverse careers and industries.

It’s important to ignite their curiosity and help them see what opportunities the future holds for them.

So, when you bring kids to work, you provide them with an experiential learning opportunity to observe and learn from your workplaces.

At Teranet, we organized a virtual Bring Your Kids To Work event, this month, to welcome young minds to explore the world of electronic land registration systems. To help them see how comprehensive property data solutions can cater to diverse stakeholders and create new jobs.

We showed the kids how technology can help facilitate individuals across a number of key industries, including real estate, financial services, law, and government and utilities.

Despite COVID-19, we all were in great spirits! The kids were inquisitive, curious, and as excited as we were!

Career options were discussed, solutions were explored, and knowledge was shared.

Aaryan Nanda, one of the students, who joined us for Bring Your Kids To Work shared his thoughts with us after the session.

“I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about different career paths and how unpredictable life is when it comes to getting a job … how you can end up doing almost anything! So, thanks to you for sharing and making it happen,” said Aaryan.

“I will definitely be sharing my experience with my younger brother, so you have someone already enrolled for the program in 2021!” he added.

We have just wrapped up our 2020 session and we’re already looking forward to having a new batch of students experience our workplace (hopefully in-person) next year!

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