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Discover exclusive services in Teranet eXpress®, your one-stop destination for Ontario’s Land Registration and Writs databases

By January 15, 2024May 31st, 2024Legal Solutions, Registry Solutions

Teranet eXpress® is a valuable resource for legal professionals, businesses, and individuals requiring key property or writs information to make informed decisions. This one-stop solution provides quick and convenient access to Ontario’s Land Registration database and the Writs database of the Ministry of the Attorney General. You don’t need a license to use Teranet eXpress and registration is free. Let’s take a closer look at what else makes Teranet eXpress®  unique and why it’s the ideal choice for your search and reporting needs.

Teranet eXpress® offers benefits you won’t find anywhere else

  1. Ontario Writs Locator (OWL): OWL allows you to simultaneously search for Writs across all 49 Enforcement Offices (EO) in Ontario for one flat fee. The OWL results are delivered quickly and you can use the writ number and EO identified to obtain valuable writs detail reports. OWL is especially useful where you don’t know which jurisdiction to search.
  2. No License Required: Unlike other applications, Teranet eXpress® customers don’t need to license or subscribe to the service in order to perform Name Search and Writ Searches by Name and Number. The process is simple and you can search across all of Ontario efficiently.

There’s no risk to register for Teranet eXpress

  1. Simple Registration: Since Teranet eXpress® offers the advantage of not requiring a license to access the data portal, it’s quick and easy to register as a user. And the best part is registration is completely free.
  2. You only pay for what you buy: Teranet eXpress® services are very beneficial and you only get charged for the transactions performed. There are no monthly charges, subscriptions, or minimum spending required to access Teranet eXpress®.

Highly effective, comprehensive services all in one place.

Whether you need to search and print Parcel Registers*, gather property information, or perform writ searches throughout Ontario, Teranet eXpress® is an incredibly convenient platform that caters to the needs of various professionals in law, finance or banking, conveyancing, third-party search, investigation, and risk management. Teranet eXpress® saves you time and effort obtaining accurate and up-to-date information to help you make insightful decisions.

Register today for Teranet eXpress®

Sign up for free to try Teranet eXpress®. Registration is quick and you will only be charged based on your transactions.

*An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.