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Does Evolving Mortgage Technology Mean the End of the Broker?

By October 16, 2017July 7th, 2022Real Estate Solutions

As technology advances, in every industry, the argument that machines will soon replace individuals dominates the conversation regarding the future. The fact that mortgage brokers now have access to various forms of mortgage technology which make life easier and far more efficient makes this especially true in real estate.

So, does evolving mortgage technology signify the end of the broker? While some would say yes, we don’t believe this is the case. Sure, that technology gives you the ability to complete various daily tasks online, but it needs to be coupled with your experience and expertise to be most effective. Your clients still need you, and your lenders need you. Just because you have this technology, doesn’t mean it is going to replace you.

Purview For Mortgage Brokers recently reviewed some of these arguments, outlining why this mortgage technology is a boon for mortgage brokers, rather than a bust. Find out more about this debate here:

For most agents and brokers, technological innovations are not only interesting, but incredibly useful when they increase the bottom line.

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